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SMILES in Romania


Hungarian Bible Union


Hungarian Twinning Program

The In 1988 Rev Boyd (then minister of Culinary and Swatragh) entered into a partnership with Alfoldy Boruss Deszo, minister of Gyuro congregation of the Hungarian Reformed Church. This was under the newly formed twinning programme between the HRC and the Presbyterain Church in Ireland and predated the fall of communism. When Rev Boyd moved to Kells in 1992 the twinning moved with him and the same happened when Dezso moved to Wekerle Telep congregation in Budapest a few years later. Over the years the relationship has grown to include the Biblia Szovetseg (Bible Union) of the HRC based in Pecel 10 km east of Budapest. This is an evangelical fellowship for ministers and members of the HRC who love the Lord, His word and His gospel. This wider relationship has led to us sending teams to Pecel very 4 years initially to do building and decorating work at the BS HQ and in more recent years to conduct Holiday Bible Clubs for Hungarian young people. In 2015 a team of Hungarian young people came to stay in Kells and this will be repeated in 2019 when a similar team will come to help at our Holiday Bible Club.



Belfast City Mission


Dublin Family Outreach


Majed and Anna in Poland

Debbie Simpson in Madagascar

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Debbie Simpson

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