The Kirk Session

Our Minister is Brian Boyd, he is married to Thelma and they have three sons, Andrew, Jonathon and David.

The Elders of Kells Presbyterian Church are:

Brian Turtle, Clerk of Session and Property Committee

Ronnie Brown, Fire Safety Rep. Gift Aid Agent. Finance and Property Committee.

Robin Fowler, Publicity Convenor. Finance Committee.

Roderick Frew, Publicity Committee. Bible Notes.

Sam Gibson, Church Treasurer. Finance Convenor.

John Hughes, Church Secretary. Prayer Committee.

James Irons,

John Kernohan, Mission Committee.

Alastair McKay, Property ConvenorFinance Committee.

Thomas McNeilly, First Aid Agent. Mission Committee.

James Mawhinney, Property Committee.

Richard Maybin.

Colin Montgomery, Committee Chairman. Finance and Mission Committees.

Kenneth Murphy, CWO Agent. Finance Committee.

Jonathan Reid, Mission Convenor. Finance Committee.

Mervyn Williamson, Mission Committee.

Trevor Wilson. Property Committee.

All elders are ex officio members of Committee.

Carolyn Patterson is our Ladies and Family Worker.

Margaret Fowler is our Caretaker

Our Committee

The Committee of Kells Church (in alphabetical order) are;

Joye Carson. Seniors Co-Ordinator. Mission Committee.

David Connaughty, Property Committee.

Margaret Copeland, Prayer Convenor.

Alan Forster, Mission and Publicity Committees.

Michael Gawn, Property Committee.

Samuel Lamont, Property Committee.

Jonathan McKay, Mission Committee.

Hubert McNeice. Presbyterian Herald. Property Committee.

William Maybin. Manse Fund Agent. Finance and Property Committees.

Marcus Morrow. Publicity Committee.

Pat Swann. Prayer Committee.

Adam Turtle, Property Committee.

Matthew Turtle, Health and Safety Rep. Property Committee.

Gary Wilson, Assistant Treasurer. Finance and Property Committees.

Thomas Wilson, Prayer and Finance Committee.

Connie Forster, Prayer Committee.

William McCaughey, Child Protection, Designated Person.

Susanne McNeilly, Prayer Committee.