Even if the reasonableness of Jesus’ historical existence is accepted, people sometimes do not see what his relevance could possibly be for us today. If we are to take his claims seriously however, we may begin to realise why he matters today. What the Bible tells us about Jesus is that he is God’s Son come into our world. Amazingly the Creator becomes part of creation. He does not do this in order to rule over us but to serve us – and particularly to die for us. He is the one who has come to pay the penalty for our rebellion against the God who made us. This he did by dying on the cross. Although crucifixion was a terrible death, something much worse was happening to Jesus. He was bearing the sins of the world. The fact that he did this successfully was demonstrated by his rising from the dead.

It is through our faith (trust) in what Jesus has done that a person comes to know God today. This is the message that the early disciples took out into the world and which the church today continues to make known. So knowing Jesus is not just something that brings us forgiveness, meaning or contentment. It is how we have a relationship with God. That is what we were made for and that is why He matters!