Flowers in church bring the beauty of creation from the outside into God’s house. Each Sunday they not only contribute to the atmosphere in the church, but also, as we look at the flowers we are reminded of the colourful world that God has created for man to enjoy.


To all who have so generously contributed to the floor rota, be it fresh flowers or money towards our silk arrangements or indeed help throughout the year and in our harvest thanksgiving services, we thank you most sincerely.


If anyone would like their name added to the flower rota or to contribute in any way, please speak to Pearl Hannah or Linda Miller or contact us through the website.


In particular new “flower arrangers” are always welcome.


As a point of interest here is a list of flowers and their meanings as a Christian symbol;

Anemones, Trinity, sorrow and death.

Carnations, Red equals love.

Columbine, Holy Spirit.

Daisy, Innocence of the Christ child.

Dandelion, Christ’s passion.

Hyacinth, Prudence and peace of mind.

Iris, the virgin Mary.

Lily, Purity and the Virgin Mary.

Myrtle, Conversion to Christ.

Pansy, Remembrance and meditation.

Poppy, Sleep, indifference, the Passion of Christ.

Roses, Red (martyrdom). White (Purity). Wreath of Roses, Heavenly joy.

Violet, humility.