Back in 2013, four couples from our church started a new support group, Cherished Child. All four had been through some of life’s most challenging issues – infertility (and later adoption), miscarriage and stillbirth. These painful issues are all too common and can turn one of our most God-given natural desires, to be parents, into one of the most painful. 

In the years since, Cherished Child has been available to other couples who find themselves dealing with these circumstances. Our aim is simply to draw alongside couples, and offer a listening ear, and our own experiences, to try to help them through their own journey. We are not professional counsellors, but can bring real understanding of these difficult issues, and hopefully friendly and encouraging support.

.If you know anyone in these circumstances, please feel free to point them towards Cherished Child. Our page, has more detail, and also email addresses where you can contact us. Or just use the church enquiry form to get in touch.