Twenty five percent of women will miscarry, yet as a couple we tend not to talk about it. It’s a situation of bleak sadness, pregnant with a much wanted baby, weeks spent hiding the constant nausea and overwhelming fatigue from friends and colleagues, then in one devastating moment you’re told, sorry I can’t find a heartbeat, you find blood or a gnawing pain in the stomach.

For many couples, through the heartbreak and the guilt and the endless internal questions, the only option is to put on a brave face and bottle it all up. While losing a friend or relative activates an immediate support network, losing a baby can bring about a lonely silence.

The only way to lift the secrecy surrounding the issue is to talk about it with someone who can relate to your situation. Cherished Child is a fantastic opportunity to enable this.

“Roderick and I were thrilled that this group was being set up. We ourselves have been through the heartbreak. We lost our very much longed and waited for baby. We would love to share our story and hope it would be useful and helpful to someone else.”