It’s fair to say that most couples who experience childlessness will try every avenue to have their own natural child. Adoption probably fits in at the very end of their thoughts or may never enter those thoughts at all. When we first found out that we were going to have some difficulty conceiving our own child, we can honestly say, adoption did not enter our thoughts either, and it was only after seven years of emotional fertility treatment, that we did finally consider adoption with its many other accompanying thoughts and pre conceptions.

  • Could we love somebody else’s child?
  • Would the child love us as their real mum or dad?
  • Would we be forced to take any child offered to us?
  • Would the child be nothing but trouble?
  • Could we handle the fact that their real parents were in the background?
  • Would they even allow a christian couple to adopt a child?

All these questions, and indeed many more, are very normal considerations to have. For anyone considering the adoption route, it is important to know that. Adoption is a very long and complex journey, however, not with the same extreme highs and lows of emotion as with fertility treatment. The journey begins by attending a social services information evening during which you have the opportunity to talk with social workers, asking questions you may have. That evening always includes adoptive parents sharing their truthful experience through the process, offering all prospective parents the opportunity to again ask questions and receive very honest answers.

When we reluctantly commenced our adoption journey, almost 14 years ago now, we had no idea where or how it would end. Our faith in God was tested to the limits – He had opened up a very unfamiliar, and uncomfortable door and now it was up to us, through faith and trust, to walk with Him down a path, that we would not have chosen for ourselves.

Now that our adoption journey is over, and our family complete, we have much help, support, encouragement and love to offer other couples, in our previous circumstances. We are so very thankful to have two very healthy, happy girls in our home, who so much deserve to have the best chance in life – what a privilege to have been chosen by the Lord to do this work for Him, and guide two of His precious gifts, in His ways, throughout their lives. If you are a couple contemplating adoption and would like the opportunity to speak with others please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our support group has members with first hand experience of adoption and we are willing to speak to you individually, or if you prefer, at one of our group meetings.

If you would like to talk to us, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.