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Children’s Talk:


(Boys and Girls leave for ChurchZone, Bubbles etc)

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We welcome everyone to our service this morning and thank Jonny Booth for conducting worship today.


Today: 6.30 pm Men’s Discipleship Group in The Loft

Mon: 7 pm Campaigners

Wed: 10 am Kells tots

8 pm Joint Midweek in ESKYLANE

Thur: 10 am Ladies Bible Study

Fri: 8.00 pm to Midnight – Half Night of Prayer

Sun: 8.30 am Early Morning Prayer Meeting

10.45 Sunday Zone and Bible Class

11.30 am Prayer Meeting in the Choir Room

12 noon Morning Service: Rev Boyd

11.55 am Live Streamed service

6.30 pm Evening Fellowship Service


Additional Announcements

Marriage Preparation Classes will be held on Saturdays 18 and 25 February for those due to marry in 2023 or 2024. Please speak to Mr Boyd to confirm your plans to attend.

It is hoped to hold a series of Discipleship Classes on Tuesday nights starting on 21st February. These are for those who want to learn more about the Christian faith or who have any questions they wish to ask.  If you are wanting to become a communicant member of the congregation on Profession of Faith you are required to attend these classes. If you plan to come on transfer from another congregation we invite you to come along to the classes if you would like a refresher on Christian Fundamentals.

A PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) safety test on electrical items has been arranged for 17th February. If you or your organization use ANY such electrical devices on church premises please bring them to the Choir Room prior to 17th. (This does not include phones, ipads etc that you use for personal bible reading during services.)

Kirk Session will meet on Tuesday 14th February. Agenda items to be with Brian Turtle by Tuesday 7th please.

Ladies Breakfast – Saturday 4th March at 9.30 am to 12 noon in Ross Park hotel. Speaker is Catherine Campbell and the soloist is Anna Williamson. The topic is ‘God is not finished with you yet’ which is the title of the newly released book of Catherine’s. The price is £13 and will include tea/coffee and shortbread at the end. Please book with Joye asap.

Child Protection Training – Tuesday 21st February at 7:30 pm, held in our halls. It is essential that all who are involved in regular work with children or teenagers in our church attend child protection training every few years.  So, we would ask that all involved in organisations such as Sunday school, Bible Class, youth fellowship, Campaigners, CE, Tots, etc. make every effort to attend on this night. If you can’t make it, please let us know and we will arrange for you to attend training in another church.

Hungary HBC – The Hungarian Bible Union have asked us to send a team to lead a Holiday Bible Club from 7th to 11th August 2023. Before the Kirk Session decides to accept the invitation, we would like to know if we have enough people willing to travel to Hungary. If you would be willing to come and help teach children and young people, provide music, help with games or help in the kitchen, please speak to Mr Boyd asap.

Church Weekend – We have Castlewellan Castle booked for a church weekend this autumn, 3rd – 5th November. It was a great time together last autumn and we’re sure it will be equally good this year.  We aren’t taking bookings just yet, this is just a notification of the date so that you can put it in your diaries and start planning towards it.
Also, to help you with your planning, after this year the thought is that these weekends will happen on alternate years.  So, there will be one this autumn and then the next one will be autumn 2025. On this occasion, we are planning a weekend two years in a row because it will be Brian’s final one before retirement. So, put the date in your diary and we look forward to a good crowd coming along!


Forthcoming Events

Wednesday 15th March at 8 pm Ricky Ferguson (Wycliffe)