Order of Service

Sunday 19th June 2022

Welcome and Announcements



Children’s Talk: Stafford Carson


(Boys and Girls leave for ChurchZone, Bubbles etc)

Bible Reading

Prayer of Intercession





We welcome everyone to our service today.


Wed:          8.00 pm Midweek Summer Prayer                          Time

Sun:           11.30 am Prayer Meeting in the Choir                      Room

                  12 noon Morning Service: Mr Jonny Booth

                  11.55 am Live Streamed service

                  No Evening Service

Additional Announcements

Mr Boyd will be on holiday until 29th June. Anyone needing a Minister should contact Rev Philip Thompson (028 25898364)

Church Committee: The following have been elected to serve on the Committee – Joye Carson, David Connaughty, Margaret Copeland, Alan Forster, Michael Gawn, Sammy Lamont, William Maybin, Marcus Morrow, Johnny McKay, Hubert McNeice, Pat Swann, Adam Turtle, Matthew Turtle, Gary Wilson, and Thomas Wilson.

Please pray for these folk as they take up the reins.

The first meeting of the new Committee will be on Thursday 23rd June at 8.00 pm.

Bring your own picnic – If you are 60+ and enjoy picnics, why not join our Young at Heart group on Friday 1st July at 12.30 pm at Antrim lough for lunch and fellowship. All you need to do is bring your own picnic and a chair to sit on and meet us in the carpark beside the playpark where there are some tables and covered pods. Please try to keep in this area so we can be together. After eats, we can go for a short or long walk or just sit around and chat. If it should be wet or very cold, please come to our church hall in Kells and we will enjoy each other’s company anyway. No transport, no problem – just ring Joye on 07761956596 and we will arrange it for you. 

Our Holiday Bible Club is happening from Monday 1st August – Friday 5th August from 7-9pm.  All children who are due to start school in September to Age 11 are welcome.  Booking forms are available in the vestibule.

Church Weekend – We are planning to have a church weekend away from Friday 7th – Sunday 9th October 2022. We have booked Castlewellan Castle. All are invited and welcome! Prices are as follows:

Age 0-11 – Free

Age 12-18 – £50

Adults – £90

En suite – £25 extra

Please book with Carolyn and pay a deposit of £20 per each person aged 12+.  All bookings and deposits by the end of June if possible please.  Deposits can be paid in cash to Carolyn or Kenneth Murphy, or by bank transfer to the church account.  (Account number 12769409, sort code 95-02-31). If paying by bank transfer please mark it ‘Weekend’.

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church meets in Assembly Buildings, Belfast this week from Wednesday 22nd – Saturday 25th June.  Please pray for wisdom and help in all the debates and for good decisions.  The celebration evening is on Thursday at 7:45pm, with Peter Lynas from the Evangelical Alliance as the main speaker.  All would be welcome to go.