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We welcome everyone to our Communion service today. We are delighted to welcome the following new members to the Table today:

On Transfer: Mr Ian and Mrs Jean Ellis

On Profession: Mr Aaron and Mrs Sharon McAuley

Mrs Joleen McKeown

Mr Scott and Mrs Hannah Watters

Mrs Julie Wilson


Today: 6.30 pm Zoom Prayer Meeting

Tuesday: 7.30 pm PW Committee Meeting in Church Hall

8.00 pm Kirk Session Meeting In Tullynamullan Room

Wednesday: 8.00 pm Joint Midweek with Phil Dunn (EMF)

Sunday: 10.45 am SundayZone and Bible Class for Children and Young People

12 noon Morning Service: Rev Boyd 

11.55 am Live Streamed service

6.30 pm Evening Service with Yusuke Hirata (Japan)

Forthcoming Events

Tuesday 10th May PW Committee will meet at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall

Wednesday 11th May at 8pm Joint Midweek Service with Phil Dunn of European Missionary Fellowship

Sunday 15th May at 6.30 pm Evening Service with Yusake Hirata, Reformed Pastor from Japan.  Yusake will do a feature presentation on the spiritual situation in Japan and will then preach.

Sunday 22nd May at 10.30 (Eskylane) and 12 noon (Kells) Billy Swann from Dublin will speak.

Sunday 29th May at 12 noon there will be a family service involving children from SundayZone

Additional Announcements

We are starting the process to elect a new  Congregational Committee.  The Voters List shall be displayed in the vestibule for the next two Sundays.

According to the Code of the Presbyterian Church In Ireland:

(1) Voting members in the Church are communicants on the roll of the congregation who are listed, whether by name or number, as having contributed to the stipend or weekly freewill offering of the congregation in the last financial year. 

(2) In addition to those so listed the following shall also be qualified, if themselves communicants on the roll – 

(a)  A wife shall be qualified on a husband’s contribution, and vice versa, where both are communicants. This shall also apply should the contributor himself or herself not be a communicant. If neither husband nor wife in such circumstances is a communicant, then their contribution shall qualify the eldest child, residing in the family, who is on the communicants’ roll. 

(b)  Should a contributor, who is not a communicant, be a member of a family residing together, then his contribution shall qualify the eldest member residing in the family who is on the communicants’ roll. 

(c)  Those who have been added to the communicants’ roll of the congregation since the close of the last financial year, upon confirmation by the treasurer that they have contributed during the current year, shall also be qualified voters. 

Please consider the Voters List carefully and if you have any queries please follow the instructions in the Code namely:

c)  Should any member of the congregation who claims to be a voting member desire to make an objection regarding any name on the list, or omitted from the list, he shall lodge his objections, with his reasons in writing, with the Moderator of Kirk Session within a week of the first publication of the lists by any of the prescribed methods; and the Kirk Session shall give its decision thereon or refer the matter for decision by Presbytery. 

(d)  Should any member objecting be dissatisfied with the decision of the Kirk Session with respect to his own or another’s qualifications he shall have the right of appeal to Presbytery within seven days. The same right belongs in such cases to any member of the Kirk Session, including any assessors that may have been appointed by Presbytery. 

Once the Voters List is finalised voting papers asking you to vote for up to 15 persons shall be made available on Sunday 22nd May.  Signed voting papers should be returned on Sunday 29th May and placed in the voting box in the Vestibule.

Many thanks are due to those who helped distribute invites to our Jubilee Celebration and BBQ on Sunday 5th June at 4.30 pm