Order of Service

Sunday 5th  December 2021

Welcome and Announcements


Lord I Come Before Your Throne of Grace

Children’s Talk: Carolyn

You’re The God

(Children leave for Church Zone)

Bible Reading: Galatians 2:17-21

Prayer of Intercession

Sermon: Dying to Live

His Mercy Is More


We welcome everyone to our service today. 


Today: 6.30 pm Praise and Thanksgiving Evening. God Is L……….

Monday: 7 pm Campaigners (Eagles and Junos) 

Tuesday 7:30pm PW Committee Meeting, Church Hall

Wednesday: 10.00 am Kells Tots

8.00 pm Joint Midweek Meeting in Hall.

Thursday: 10.00 am Ladies Bible Study

7.00 pm Joint CE in Church Halls

8.00 pm Presbytery Commission Meeting with New Elders (Tullynamullan Rooom)

Sunday: 10.45 am SundayZone and Bible Class for Children and Young People

12 noon Morning Service 

11.55 am Live Streamed service

6.30 pm Zoom Prayer Meeting

Additional Announcements

Presbyterian Children’s Society envelopes can be returned today or next week.

Kirk Session will meet on Tuesday 14th December at 8 pm.  Agenda items should be with Brian Turtle by 7th December

Covid Mitigations Update

As announced last week the Presbyterian Church In Ireland have made it compulsory for all over 13 years of age attending worship to wear masks entering, leaving and throughout the whole service unless they have a medical exemption.

 We are required to have windows and where possible doors open during services to provide ventilation and reduce the risk of virus spreading. This is compulsory for us even during the coldest of weather.  We are very aware that this makes for uncomfortable conditions in the building on cold days. We are sorry about this but we have no choice and would encourage the wearing of warm clothing.

We want to thank everyone for the patient way they have cooperated with Covid regulations over a long period of time.  However we have to ask for further co-operation over the winter months as PCI seeks to avoid the Government insisting on Vaccination Passports.  Please:

  • Arrive early to avoid a last minute rush and crush.
  • Follow the Steward’s instructions by filling the building from the front. Please do not ask to be seated in a favourite pew. This creates  big problems for the Stewards as they find it difficult to spot empty seats near the start of the service if people are dotted all over the building therefore causing a crush to build up at the door.
  • Remain in your seat at the end of the service until asked to leave by a Steward.
  • Please remember to observe 1m social distance at all times within the building.

Thank you so much for your helpful co-operation.