Order of Service

Sunday 28th  November 2021

Welcome and Announcements



Colin Hylands CEF


(Children leave for Church Zone)

Bible Reading: Galatians 2:11-16

Prayer of Intercession

Sermon: The Fight For Truth



We welcome everyone to our service today. 


Today: 6.30 pm Zoom Prayer Meeting Meeting ID: 822 681 1808
Passcode: 9emigx

Monday: 7 pm Campaigners (Eagles and Junos) 

Wednesday: 10.00 am Kells Tots

8.00 pm Joint Midweek Meeting in Hall.

Thursday: 10.00 am Ladies Bible Study

7.00 pm Joint CE in Church Halls

8.30 pm Ladies Discipleship Group this week

Sunday: 10.45 am SundayZone and Bible Class for Children and Young People

12 noon Morning Service 

11.55 am Live Streamed service

6.30 pm Praise and Thanksgiving Evening

Additional Announcements

At the congregational meeting on 16th Nov those present were presented with details of the structural survey carried out on the manse showing the extent of the work required to bring it to an acceptable standard. Estimates by a Quantity Surveyor of costs to complete the work indicated that the final cost would be approaching that of replacing the structure. Even the work was carried out we would still be left with a building having little by way of protection from rising and penetrating damp, relatively very poor levels of thermal insulation and far from ideal study facilities etc. The medium and long term maintenance and running costs would still be considerably higher than for a new build.

The unanimous decision of those present was to support the committee’s recommendation to demolish and replace the manse building. Committee will now be appointing a planner and starting to set out more detailed plans to get this work under way. As always we will be totally dependent on the congregations financial support to see it completed. To that end we intend to issue building fund envelopes from Jan 22 and your enthusiastic support would be a great encouragement to those who will carry the considerable responsibility to see this work completed.

We know that some of you were unable for various reasons to attend on the 16th and if you would like to know more details of this and other work which is being planned please speak to Alistair McKay or Brian Turtle and we will be happy to arrange a time to make this information available.

Thanking you for your support

Colin Montgomery     (Committee Chair)