Order of Service – Sunday 24th October 2021

Welcome and Announcements



Children’s Talk: Joanne


(Children leave for Church Zone)

Bible Reading: Gal 1:1-5

Prayer of Intercession

Sermon: Introduction to Galatians



We welcome everyone to our service today and hope that you find worship meaningful


Today:​6.30 pm Zoom Prayer Meeting. Meeting ID: 822 681 1808Passcode: 9emigx hall

Wednesday:​10.00 am Kells Tots

8.00 pm Joint Midweek Meeting in Hall: Justification

Thursday:​​10.00 am Ladies Bible Study

​​​7.00 pm Joint CE in Church Halls

​​​8.30 pm No Men’s Discipleship Group this week

Sunday:​10.45 am SundayZone and Bible Class for Children and Young People

12 noon Morning Service – Rev Boyd: No Other Gospel (Gal 1:6-10)

11.55 am Live Streamed service

6.30 pm Zoom Prayer Meeting. Meeting ID: 822 681 1808Passcode: 9emigx hall

Additional Announcements

You will have received a Leprosy Mission Envelope with your order of service today. If you wish to contribute please place the envelope on the offering plate either this week or next. If anyone has any stamps for the Leprosy Mission could you please bring them to church during October as they are ceasing to accept them at the end of the year. The Leprosy Mission Magazine is available on the windowsills in the vestibule.

Election of Elders: The Kirk Session have decided in consultation with the Presbytery of Ballymena, to seek the election of FIVEnew elders. 

God willing, opportunity will be given to vote for up to FIVE new elders on 24th and 31st October. Please take the voting papers today vote for up to 5 of the names on the list (excluding those in italics and underlined), sign the paper and return to the voting box on one by next Sunday. The FIVE who receive the most votes shall be read to the congregation providing:

a. They receive at least one third of the total votes cast.b. They are approved by the Kirk Session.c. They agree to their names going forward.

The list of names will be read to the congregation on Sundays 7th and 14th November, and a seven day period from the second Sunday will be allowed for objections in writing, if any, to be lodged.

Once the list is finalised it will be read to a meeting of the Congregation on Sunday 21st November. The names of those selected shall be presented individually to the meeting. A poll of the voters present shall be taken and if two-thirds of those who vote be in favour he shall be elected.

Training classes will be held for the elders elect and they will be conferred with by Presbytery prior to ordination.

Over the last 14 months quite a few people have provided valuable service taking names, sanitizing, and acting as stewards and we are very grateful to them. However, it would be really useful to have some more folk to add to the team. If you would be willing to help with this, please speak to Alastair McKay or Colin Montgomery.

Future Events

Campaigners (Eagles and Junos) will recommence on Monday 1st November.

Kirk Session will meet on Monday 1stNovember at 10 am in the TullynamullanRoom to count votes.

In the coming months we plan to hold a series of Sunday Evening Fellowship and Praise Services. These will be on the first Sunday evening of the month so the next will be on Sunday 1st November .

We are also deeply indebted to our Live Streaming, Powerpoint and Sound teams for all their great work. If you would like to join them in serving in this way please speak to Matthew or Sam.

Community Announcement

The Luncheon Club AGM on Thursday the 21st October at 11.45 sharp finishing at 1.30pm . Up to Christmas we are meeting on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month. New members welcome.