Sunday 27th June 2021: Children will leave for Children’s Church after the singing of the Children’s Hymn

11.55 am Live Stream Service from Kells

No Zoom Prayer Meeting tonight. 

Wednesday: 8.00 pm Joint Prayer Time in Kells Church Hall

Sunday: 10.30 am Eskylane Service: John Kernohan

12 noon Kells Service: John Kernohan

11.55 am Live Stream Service

Additional Announcements:

We welcome Jonathan Reid to our pulpit today. 

We are resuming our collections for Ballymena Food Bank. They are asking for toiletries left especially men’s and are also low on fruit juices, pot noodles, tinned potatoes, biscuits and jam. If you would like to help please place the items in the box in vestibule as you arrive for church.

Rev Boyd will be on holiday from Friday 25th  June  until 9th July (inclusive) If you need a minister please contact Rev Thompson (028 2589 8364)