Sunday 6th June 2021: Children will leave for Children’s Church after the singing of the Children’s Hymn

11.55 am Live Stream Service from Kells

6.30pm Zoom Prayer Meeting. 

Meeting ID: 822 681 1808

Passcode: 9emigx

Wednesday: 8.00 pm Joint Prayer Time in Kells Church Hall

Thursday: 11.00 am Ladies Bible Study via Zoom

7.00pm Meeting for SundayZone and Bible Class Leaders (Church Hall with masks and 2m distancing)

Friday: 7.00 pm Live@7 on Facebook

Sunday: 10.30 am Eskylane Service

12 noon Kells Service

11.55 am Live Stream Service

Additional Announcements:

Today we remember the sacrifice and dedication to duty of the members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (GC)

In preparation for possible reopening of organisations Rev Boyd will be holding a series of meetings with leaders in the various groups. This is to see how you are all keeping after the Lockdowns and how you feel about your future service.  Upcoming meetings:

Thursday 10th @7pm SundayZone & Bible Class

Thursday 17th @ 7pm Kells Tots

Thursday 24th @ 7 pm CE (Kells & Eskylane)

We are resuming our collections for Ballymena Food Bank. They are asking for toiletries left especially men’s and are also low on fruit juices, pot noodles, tinned potatoes, biscuits and jam. If you would like to help please place the items in the box in vestibule as you arrive for church.