Sunday 16th May: 11.55 am Live Stream Service from Kells

6.30pm Zoom Prayer Meeting. 

Meeting ID: 822 681 1808

Passcode: 9emigx

Wednesday: 8.00 pm Joint Prayer Time in Kells Church Hall

Thursday: 11.00 am Ladies Bible Study via Zoom

Friday: 7.00 pm Live@7 on Facebook

Sunday: 10.45 am Online Sunday School

10.30 am Eskylane Service

12 noon Kells Service

11.55 am Live Stream Service

Additional Announcements:

Children’s Church is starting again this Sunday, and here is some information on how it will work.

– Children’s Church will be for children between Age 4 and P5. Children from Age 0-3 are welcome, but need to be accompanied by a parent. We encourage parents of toddlers, where possible, to take it in turns if they wish to bring their toddler out, so that both parents have opportunities to stay in church on alternate weeks.

– There will be two leaders each week who will leave church at the beginning of the children’s hymn.

– The children will be asked to leave after the children’s hymn (please note – they shouldn’t go at the same time as the leaders, who are going out to get ready to receive the children). Please remind your children to leave a space between themselves and other families, and any adults taking toddlers out are asked to help by reminding children of this as they go. The children should leave by either the upstairs or downstairs doors to the right of the pulpit.

– As children arrive at the door of the hall they will receive a squirt of hand sanitiser, and each family will be directed to a table to sit.

– The tables will be well spaced out and children will remain at their tables for all activities.

– Please could children bring their own pencil cases.

– The children will enjoy a short programme including a Bible story and activity sheets which will be placed on the tables in advance. Leaders will remember distancing and will wear masks. 

– When the service is finished, could parents please remain in your seats until the steward asks you to leave. Then exit the church building by the same door you came in, and come around the outside to the halls entrance. Please only come into the entrance hall a couple of families at a time. If you have to queue outside the halls entrance, please remember distancing. As you arrive at the door to the hall your children will be called to you and hand sanitiser will be given to them again as they leave.

We are really looking forward to seeing the children again and teaching them the stories of the Bible. We hope they enjoy being back together too. If you have any questions about how any of this will work, or if you have any concerns, please talk to Carolyn or Pat. 

There will be a Kirk Session Meeting & Meeting of Charity Trustees on Tuesday 25 May at 7.30 in Church Hall