Sunday 9th May: 11.55 am Live Stream Service from Kells

6.30pm Zoom Prayer Meeting. 

Meeting ID: 822 681 1808

Passcode: 9emigx

Wednesday: 8.00 pm Joint Prayer Time in Kells Church Hall

Thursday: 11.00 am Ladies Bible Study via Zoom

Friday: 7.00 pm Live@7 on Facebook

Sunday: 10.45 am Online Sunday School

10.30 am Eskylane Service

12 noon Kells Service

11.55 am Live Stream Service

Additional Announcements:

On Wednesday 12th May at 8 pm we will commence a joint weekly in person Midweek Prayer Meeting in Kells Church Hall with all social distancing etc mitigations.

On Sunday 16th May we will commence a Children’s Church in Kells. Children aged 4 to P5 will leave after the children’s hymn and can be picked up by parents at the Church Hall after the service. (Further details next week)

There has been a relaxation in visiting regulations for some wards in Antrim Area Hospital. Ministers are now allowed short visits in some wards. If you know of a member of the congregation who is ill in hospital please inform Mr Boyd and if permitted he will be very glad to visit.