Sunday 2nd May 2021: 11.55 am Live Stream Service from Kells

6.30pm Zoom Prayer Meeting. 

Meeting ID: 822 681 1808

Passcode: 9emigx

Wednesday: 8.00 pm Pre Communion Service in Kells Meeting House 

Thursday: 11.00 am Ladies Bible Study via Zoom

Friday: 7.00 pm Live@7 on Facebook

Sunday: 10.45 am Online Sunday School

10.30 am Eskylane Communion Service

12 noon Kells Communion Service

11.55 am Live Stream Service

Additional Announcements:

Next Sunday we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper for the first time in over a year. We will do this in a slightly different way using pre distributed, prepacked bread and wine. Please do plan to attend either Eskylane (10.30) or Kells (12 noon) In preparation for this there will be a joint Pre Communion Service at 8 pm on Wednesday in Kells.

On Wednesday 12th May at 8 pm we will commence a joint weekly in person Midweek Prayer Meeting in Kells Church Hall with all social distancing etc mitigations.

On Sunday 16th May we will commence a Children’s Church in Kells. Children aged 4 to P5 will leave after the children’s hymn and can be picked up by parents at the Church Hall after the service. (Further details next week)

The Kirk Sessions have agreed the following numbers for Weddings and Funerals.  Eskylane: Weddings & Funerals 20 maximum.  Kells: Weddings 70, Funerals 50. These are based on the capacity of the buildings and the expected nature of those attending e.g. individuals as opposed to family groups.  Kells will be using downstairs only for these events in order to better maintain social distancing for those seeking to enter the building.  Unfortunately we are still not allowed to provide any catering for weddings, funerals or any of our services. 

Kells Kirk Session have decided to seek permission from Ballymena Presbytery to hold an election of elders in the Autumn

There has been a relaxation in visiting regulations for some wards in Antrim Area Hospital. Ministers are now allowed short visits in some wards. If you know of a member of the congregation who is ill in hospital please inform Mr Boyd and if permitted he will be very glad to visit.