“Now that we have reopened for services the Northern Ireland Executive permits weddings and funerals to be held in our building subject to strict social distancing and capacity requirements for the size of the building.  In response to this the Kirk Session have decided that:

a. Weddings with up to 70 guests (including the bridal party) may take place.  All Covid regulations must be observed including the wearing of masks.

b. Private Family Funerals with up to 30 mourners on a Wednesday (all day) or a Thursday (morning) may be held in our building,  This allows 72 hours between Sunday services and funerals.  Mourners are requested to wear masks and follow all instructions given. In compliance with covid guidelines no catering may be provided on our premisies.

All the above are subject to change at any time depending on the latest Government advice or regulations.

We realise that these are less that perfect arrangements especially at times of sorrow and anxiety however they enable us to offer the use of our buildings in a way that was not possible a few weeks ago.”