1. Thelma & Brian wish to express their deepest thanks for the cards, prayers and good wishes following the death of Thelma’s father.
  2. Rev Boyd will be on compassionate leave (by order of Clerk of Presbytery) for the next few days. Rev Noel Mulholland (Glenwherry) will cover emergencies.
  3. Many thanks to Jonathan Reid for preaching at this mornings service, to all who are taking part and to all who arranged it.
  4. We hope to restart services in the Meeting House on Sunday 23 August. Eskylane and Connor also aim to restart on that date. The date is contingent on circumstances being favourable at that time.
  5. Live@7 will start again on Thursday 9 July and is planned to continue on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until Church restarts.
  6. The 0300 phone messages will restart on Thursday 9 July.