We were delighted to have David Farrow the director of Thomson House speak at our PW meeting on Tuesday 11th February 2020. Through the Mission Fund, PW are helping to support Special Home Projects for 2019-2020 and this is one of them. It was most interesting to hear how Thompson House in north Belfast has recently been redeveloped. It provides supported housing for up to 19 men with addictions, offending behaviour and who require support housing. Here their behaviour can be managed and monitored in the interests of public safety and they have permanent accommodation for up to one year.

These men have been referred by the Probation Board NI as being in need of approved accommodation. Each resident is assessed and risk management plans are created and enforced for each offender for the duration of their stay. Residents are required to live positive lifestyles and engage in training and employment opportunities.

One of the key aims of Thompson House is to commend the Christian faith and way of life in an open and accepting manner. Please remember to pray for this great but challenging work and that many souls would be saved.

David Farrow
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