Dear Friends,
Hope is absolutely essential to human life. Without hope you very quickly give up and perish. The great message of Easter is the message of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the message of the greatest hope possible. It shouts loudly that death has been defeated. That Satan no longer holds sway. That those who know Christ are assured of a great and glorious future.

This message does two things:

a, It gives those who know Christ the confidence to face death. Death is no longer an enemy to be feared. It is simply the doorway to eternal bliss in the presence of Christ in heaven. For centuries men and women have been terrified of death. It is not talked about in polite company. Every other subject can have an airing, but death is the last great taboo. What lies beyond the grave? That is the question that terrifies modern man. He believes that this life is all there is. Therefore you better eat, drink and be merry – for tomorrow you may die. Into this darkness the light of the Resurrection shines. The Risen Christ guarantees eternal life to all those who have trusted in him. What immense hope!

b, It gives those who know Christ, confidence for daily living. The great message of the Bible is that the part which raised Christ from the dead is the power that is available to help every Christian live for Him in every circumstance of life. This means that even the toughest of circumstances can be faced with great confidence in the Lord. Nothing can ultimately defeat the believer. As Paul reminds the Romans, if Christ is for us who can be against us.

It is my great desire that the hope of the resurrection may inspire you and fill you this Easter time. That you all would have not only a very happy Easter but a future that is filled with the wonder and glory of Christ.

Yours in Christ,
Brian Boyd.